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Bard - Closed

Cleric - 1

Druid - Closed

Enchanter - 2

Magician - Closed

Monk - Closed

Necromancer - Closed

Paladin - 2

Ranger - Closed

Rogue - Closed

Shadow Knight - 1

Shaman - 2

Warrior - Closed

Wizard - 2


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And just like that we've defeated Classic!

We've officially beat Classic Everquest. Congratulations to everyone on all of our loots and hard work! Some loot highlights from tonight: Sensei on Golden Sash of Tranquility, Klus and Swampey on Runed Bolster Belts and Phaser on a White Dragonscale Cloak! These last few weeks have been amazing! Making new elf pals and raiding classic are some of the best times in EQ for us. We can't wait to see what the future holds!!


We are still recruiting some classes. If you're interested in raiding with us Monday & Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 PST stop by the forums and drop an app.


That being said... let the countdown to Kunark begin!



Kunark launched! Severilous down!

Our first Kunark raid on day two of the expansion was a quick Sev kill to try and get a green dragon scale. Mission accomplished! Grats Vhaen!! Big grats to Geeii and Khag on Dragon Hero Bracers also! ... now back to leveling


A few dead dragons and a dead lizard dude.

We're just over a week into Kunark and we've gotten a lot accomplished! Our hard work leveling and getting epics is paying off. We downed Trak easily, along with Sev, Talendor, Venril Sathir and Faydedar. We finished the night up with some Naggy splits to net us a couple more red scales (yay)!


Many congratulations and thanks all around for an amazing Kunark launch! 


Phara Dar down to 24

We finally wrangled enough Trak Teeth to give VP a go. With four groups we were able to knock PD out! Great job everyone!! Loot was a little underwhelming; but grats Kurby on Yunnb's Earring, Rodric on Claw of Phara Dar and Grumbo on Shield of Elders!


*screenshot from 2nd kill. I failed to take a pic the first time. Grats Crowde and Seev on Crown of Rile!