an Everquest guild on Mangler

The Final Encore is made up of a group of friends that share the same mindset and goal. That is, to have fun playing Everquest and slaying some dragons. We've all done the super hardcore thing and this time we're choosing to relax and focus on the fun aspect.

We'll have no rush to start, it's classic EQ afterall. We plan to casually start raids once the majority are leveled.

Our raid days will be on Monday and Thursdays from 7:30PST-10:30PST.

If this sounds like something you're interested in drop us a line in Discord and/or the Forums!

The leveling has begun! After all the server hiccups with launch, we're finally in game and have started the grind. Plenty of roster spots to be filled up. If you're interested in making some new pals and having fun, come join us in Discord! Reach out to anyone on the Officer Team to get more info about joining up!



Tonight kicked off our first raid! We came together and ventured on over to Permafrost where we made quick work of Lady Vox! Grats to Bonethug on Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch, Voiden on McVaxius` Horn of War, and Minihis on Crystalline Spear!

After we vanquished Lady Vox we headed on over to the Plane of Hate. We started clearing.... right into a server crash. Got a few minis and even scored a Shield of the Immaculate (Grats Aninyo!) and Rakusha Cloak (Grats Alekyne!)


Amazing second raid!

Lord Nagafen was first up. We got a bit shafted on drops, but downed him w/ ease. Grats Goobers and Dhorrin on their Bladestoppers and Inept on his Orb of Tishan!


After Naggy, we headed over to Plane of Fear. Our luck changed for a bit there, as we got 3/3 Ball of Everliving Golem from our friends Terror, Fright and Dread. Woohoo for Warrior epic progress! 

Draco dished out a nice Bone-Clasped Girdle for Phaser!

Cazic Thule ended up being a pushover, dropping two Dawnfires (Grats Leftside and Dabcloud!) and a sword for some lame Shadow Knight epic quest.


Did we stop there? Oh no. Split things up and took out our good friend Master Yael. We managed to kill him three times and got a whopping zero daggers. Grats to us on FIVE Earthshakers (grosssss) and a Brell's Girdle.

Mega grats to all of us tonight!

Can't wait for future raids and to see what else we can accomplish!

Inny down!

Great job everyone! Unlike our last Hate raid (when the server crashed and burned in a terrible, terrible death) we were able to complete Hate and down Innoruuk!

Grats Auen on Triumphant Mask, Rigtside on Ring of Pureblood, Kurby on Skinner's Belt and Band on Darkbrood Mask!


Still working on our Sky keys... expect an Eye of Veeshan kill very soon!